How Do I prepare to sell my iPhone 5?

If you have been an owner of an iPhone 5 for a long time, you might ask, how do I prepare to sell my iPhone 5? Whenever iPhone releases new models of iPhones, the owners of the existing iPhones always think of upgrading. This means that they want to sell their older iPhones to buy the latest models. If you want to upgrade to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus, you might want to know how to prepare your iPhone 5 for sale. There are several things that you should do before you pass down or sell your old iPhone 5 to another person.

Backup data

Regardless of where or how you intend to sell your iPhone, it is important that you back it up beforehand. This is for quite a simple reason. When you have backup, you can easily restore your data to the new iPhone that you purchase. This implies that you will be able to pick up from where you left once you get the latest iPhone. Therefore, erase all data in your iphone before you sell it. For further details on iphone visit our yelp page

Disable iMessage

Disabling iMessage means that the phone will not receive inbound iMessages that will be aimed at you once you sell it to another person. This is especially important for some providers where there is no SIM card that can be removed because the number remains active until it is switched via the carrier or deactivated.

Unregister the device

If you have decided that I want to sell my iPhone 5, you need to unregister it with Apple. Once you unregister your iPhone with Apple, it means that it will no longer be associated with your current Apple ID. This is usually overlooked by many people when selling iPhones but it is an important step of the process of preparing to sell your iPhone.

Unlock your iPhone

Unlocking your iPhone 5 will increase its resale value. This is not only very simple, it is quick too. Today, it is possible to unlock an iPhone in 30 minutes. In addition to increasing the resale value, unlocking an iPhone will enable you to attract more prospective buyers. This is because most people want iPhones that can be used from any region and with any carrier. Therefore, consider unlocking your iPhone 5 before presenting it for sale.

Deactivate your iPhone

Deactivating your iPhone will enable you to avoid passing the cell carrier plan to its new owner. This way, you prevent the device from receiving and making calls or even transferring data. It is a simple process but it has slight variation depending on whether you are on CDMA or GSM provider.

Reset the device to factory defaults

It is important that you restore the device to factory defaults to ensure that your iPhone is ready for new ownership. This is a simple process but it is very important. Therefore, before you say that I can finally sell my iPhone 5, reset it to factory defaults first.

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